Knowledge and management of this area requires constant updating for all your team, so our task is to support your company through training and consulting in the following topics:


Programs to promote exports

These programs serve to support national companies to operate in the international market. The aim of these programs is to strengthen the competitiveness of Mexican companies against transnational corporations. Our specialists train and assist to your company in the interpretation and implementation of these programs, so your organization can get the most benefit.

IMMEX (Manufacturing, Maquiladora Industry and Export Services)  
This program is the result of the convergence of the previous programs called Pitex and Maquila, therefore its benefits are conditioned to exports.  

If your company has imported products that are taxed and such goods are exported in the same condition as were imported, without any transformation, your company can claim through this program tax refund for those items that were exported.  

This is not a program but an import status, which allows domestic and foreign companies use it as a fiscal and financial strategy mainly, but the benefits are much greater. Through this program you can do partial imports, allocate import goods to this import status even if your company does not have the importers’ License.  


Foreign Trade Basics

Management of customs brokers and forwarders
Management of Logistics Suppliers is an essential task within your operational area. Our role is contribute with our expertise so your operational department can assess in a better way these suppliers and therefore get better service conditions.

Certificates of origin and international treaties
International treaties or agreements reduce tariffs, antidumping rules and give other benefits via Certificates of Origin. Therefore, proper use of those certificates has a direct impact on the cost of goods.

Tariff and non-tariff restrictions
These limitations on foreign trade are mainly composed of special permits, authorizations and other documents designed to protect and sometimes stop the entry of certain goods into the country.

Antidumping fees
Countervailing fees are imposed payments made to certain products processed in countries where it has been proved that fail to meet international standards and therefore present conditions of unfair trade practices such as dumping or subsidies products.

Control of files of foreign trade
The proper management of files of foreign trade is a critical task, especially from 2014 to now, due to the customs authority increased its Audit-staff. In 2012 the Electronic Customs Clearance originated an electronic record, but it did not disappear the obligation of the file on paper, therefore, now your company must control two records for any operation.

Practical cases of foreign trade operations
During the sessions we include real cases to help you to make better decisions and especially to obtain benefits that you can apply in reducing costs and time in customs clearance.



On International Trade Incoterms are well known and used, these terms clearly define and divide obligations, costs and risks of international operations between the exporter and importer.

These terms are recognized as international standards by the customs authorities and courts in most countries.

The correct application of Incoterms is relatively easy, however, mismanagement of these terms can seriously harm your business operations.


Dangerous Goods

The Air and Maritime regulations state that staff must receive technical training criteria "Awareness Training" and particular training for "Specific Positions". Via our sister company Hazmat & Log we train and update your staff to comply with the regulations when handling dangerous goods.


Logistics and International Transport

Carrying raw materials from the supplier to the factory and subsequent transfers to the final consumer, as well as evaluation of the route, it is the art of logistics. Allow us be the link between your team and the world of logistics. Logistics services, advise and training can be obtained via our sister company Kundiso Red Logistics.


Analysis and cost reduction

It is important you make a constant diagnosis of the costs involved in your foreign trade operations to find areas of opportunity. Consulting, training and outsourcing are different ways our team evaluates your enterprise to make it successful in your business.  


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