Outsourcing in Foreign Trade is an excellent choice for small and medium enterprises, mainly to optimize costs and minimize risks; additionally it will allow your company to focus on production and sales.

Health and Financial Check Ups are common today, but Foreign Trade Check Ups have been omitted. We encourage you to promote an annual Diagnostic of your company. Once you know your company has control of the records and the operations are well done before customs house, you can focus on other areas of your company but, if the analysis shows items that must be corrected the purpose is achieved.

Foreign Trade Audits are suggested once the diagnostic result reflects operations that must be corrected. Foreign Trade Fines are the highest in our country; some of them are 150% of goods’ value. We review the status of your records and provide solutions in the process of audits.

Outsourcing in house
Our team of professionals can operate directly in your office or warehouse, depending on the volume of transactions and nature. This option allows us to obtain information faster with a better care of critical data.

Outsourcing off-site
When the volume is reduced and is not critical operation, we suggest to manage the account from our offices, so that your company get benefits on room and reduce staff.

Suppliers abroad
Supplier development from abroad is not an easy task, therefore, we will make contact and develop suppliers for your projects. Some benefits include address verification, loading verification and review of the quality of the goods purchased.

Import products (DDP)
The main part for decision making is timely and true information, therefore we help you to know the costs associated with your project from the point of origin to point of final delivery, both imports and exports.

Control of unique operations  
3PL is the outsourcing of your logistics, is a specialized service that allows our team to take care of your logistics operations, while you concentrate on your core activities.

These are some of the benefits:
• Eliminate the indirect expense structure (overhead).
• Improve inventory control and cost.
• Reduce capital investment.
• 3PL increase net profits.


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